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Our digital poster maker takes all the best things about an eye-catching poster and adds the digital benefits of technology, such as pixel-perfect details, powerful interactivity, and search engine visibility. Whether it’s a concert series or an announcement, campaign posters are an ideal way to showcase information with an informative, beautiful, and immersive format.

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What is a digital poster?

In a nutshell, a digital poster is a poster displayed on a screen instead of being printed. It’s a simple and effective way to communicate a message to your audience.

The great thing about digital posters, as opposed to traditional ones, is that you are not limited in the functionalities you can use to get that very specific message through. 

Your poster can include graphics over text to make it a real eye-catcher.

It is way less expensive to make an online poster than to print one, and it is way easier to manage. With a printed poster, you’re stuck with whatever you printed. A digital poster can be changed and edited anytime.

Digital posters also have the advantage of being search engine friendly. You can optimize your digital poster just like any webpage or blog post.

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How to make a digital poster:

  1. To create a digital poster, you simply upload your poster as a PDF (or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive). Our online poster maker will then transform your content into a dynamic-looking, promotional, and informative poster.

  2. Add links. Our digital poster maker allows you to add links so people can immediately engage with your content. Shoppable links make it possible to buy directly from your poster or you can link directly to the ticketing site or website for more information about your event.

  3. Why not create an Article Story to help you reach a wider audience? With our Article Stories you can transform your poster into a mobile-optimized article easily shareable via social media and email. Your poster is now available in everyone’s pocket with the most important information extracted. 

  4. You can also use the fullscreen sharing feature, which helps make your poster easily readable on any device. Fullscreen is a distraction-free reading experience--perfect for posters with lots of text.

  5. Finally, don’t forget our Embed feature. It allows you to embed it directly on your website, so it is now fully part of your content portfolio.

Add Links

Showcase your events digitally

Make your poster fully interactive with links. You can even add shoppable links, allowing customers to buy the item you’re promoting or go to the ticketing website for an event directly from the poster!

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Track engagement across the board

Analytics give you important insights into the performance of your digital poster. You can use Issuu Statistics to track views (impressions), read time, clicks, and more. This data can help shape your marketing strategy moving forward.

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Let content take center stage

You can embed your poster directly on your website, just copy and paste the embed code from our online poster maker. This allows you to leverage the eye-catching visual appeal of a poster right on your business’ digital storefront.

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Poster: Frequently Asked Questions

  • The purpose of a digital poster is to communicate a message to your audience. This could be a call to action or letting them know about a special offer or upcoming event. It’s one of the simplest marketing assets, a tried and true format that has stood the test of time. Now you can create a digital poster to achieve that same simple, attention-grabbing messaging in a scalable digital format.

  • As a first step, it is important for you to identify your vision, your idea, and your message. Make sure you know what it is you want to achieve with this poster and what you want people to remember from it. 

    One message, one poster. Keep it simple. 

    Once you have your idea for a poster, start working on a design that captures your vision. Make sure your headlines and callouts are easy to read. Use bright colors and bold fonts.

    Once you have your design, hop over to our digital poster maker and make an online poster!

  • The main goal of a poster is typically visibility. You want people to see it, to save the date, to get the news about your new product. By measuring impressions, you can tell how many people saw your poster. Read time will tell you how much time they spent looking at it. And clicks will tell you how many of them clicked your links. The best news is that Issuu Statistics provides all of that information for you.

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