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Rethink Your Internal Communications with Issuu

Apr 19th, 2023 by Issuu
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The way organizations communicate internally can significantly impact cross-team collaboration, employee experience, and success. From engaging team members to streamlining information sharing, internal communications have evolved into a strategic function of every well-running organization. The days of scattered memos, lengthy email chains, and lost documents in the abyss of the intranet are long gone. With the help of digital tools, the flow of information between company leaders, teams, and individual employees becomes a symphony of efficiency and productivity, the "glue" that holds organizations together, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

It’s time to bid farewell to mundane corporate documents and embrace an exciting new approach to internal communication with your employees and team members. Issuu allows you to transform flat PDFs and other file types into engaging digital Flipbooks that captivate readers and communicate confidential messages effectively and securely. With Issuu’s one-click access to unlisted documents, you can now reshape how you share private information within your organization. Keep reading to learn how to turn your company’s internal communications into an impactful reading experience, empowering you and your team to deliver important messages efficiently. 

Engage With Your Employees

Using Issuu to create and publish internal communications and training materials can lead to an overall improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction. Whether you’re driving adoption, onboarding a new employee, or communicating critical information to investors, Issuu empowers you to create and share your message in a captivating way.

Interactive PDFs make it easy to guide your audience in a meaningful way. Embedded videos communicate information visually, making it more exciting to follow, and with Links, you can ensure no resource is left behind. Rather than relying on static memos, emails, and plain text documents, develop a communications strategy that implements the most engaging forms of content based on your audience. Business professionals across industries use Issuu for:

1. Employee handbooks
2. Company newsletters
3. Onboarding guides
4. Quarterly and annual reports
5. Presentations
6. Brand guideline books
7. Sales collateral

Through Fullscreen Sharing, you can bring your documents to life and deliver an immersive experience. Customize your background, add your organization’s logo, use visual elements to break up large amounts of text with clever headings, and ta-da – you now have an immersive reading experience to engage your team, employees, and even interdepartmental team members. Issuu enables you to easily level up your messaging without increasing your workload and helps you build a communication strategy that meets users where they are and speaks in a way they understand.

Integrate With Your Workflows

Powerful integrations with top industry tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Canva, and Adobe InDesign, offer quick and easy ways to export and upload documents. Access your files and empower team members to participate in the publishing process. Once every key stakeholder has approved, publish and share securely with your internal audience. Issuu’s Embed tool can add your resources directly into an employee portal. Document creation and sharing have never been easier.

Collaborate With Team Members

Whether you are a one-person communications team or a department of hundreds, Issuu's all-in-one publishing platform makes it simple for distributed and cross-functional teams to work together. Issuu for Teams lets you own your digital distribution and ensure the security of sensitive documents no matter where your team resides. Everyone can work in the same space, ensuring version control and design, messaging, and style consistency.

Measure Your Success

Understand your internal communications’ performance with built-in Statistics. This feature lets you see who is consuming and engaging with your content and helps you measure impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more. This enables you to make data-driven decisions about communicating with key segments of your internal audience.

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