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Portfolios, Perfected: Inspiration for Digital Portfolios

Apr 3rd, 2023 by Issuu

A perfect portfolio is within itself a work of art that highlights your best work and your most exquisite projects. You want the design of your portfolio to reflect your personal style and enhance your work — not overshadow it. If you’re in need of portfolio design inspiration, here are a few publishers doing portfolios the right way.

Bhawana Bhandari's varied architectural projects are displayed in a clean and minimalistic portfolio. Including insightful descriptive passages for each project gives onlookers a deep dive into her critical thinking and well-thought-out designs.

Vũ Ngô’s theme allows his portfolio to bring out his artistic talent through the choice of playful gradients and a well-chosen color scheme. By pairing each piece with a short abstract describing the project and his efforts in shaping it, the viewer can see his unique interpretation and thought process behind each creation.

Saskia Marcella uses a beautiful combination of brown and yellow shades that captivate the eye, keeping yellow as the key accent color throughout the publication to enhance and bring attention to each section of her portfolio.

Arafa Cynthia Hamadi’s portfolio uniquely conveys her proficiency in general and program skills, giving you a visual representation of her strengths and areas for growth. Her portfolio is straightforward and neatly organizes all of her beautiful work.

Manaporn Heimaputi's aesthetic is clean but infused with a diverse range of colors, shapes, and formats bouncing off his remarkable projects. With a brief and clear personal section showcasing his background and contact information, the portfolio goes on to showcase a carefully curated collection of corporate identity designs, infographics, brand designs, banners, and even photography.

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