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How to Create a Newsletter on Canva with Issuu’s App

Sep 12th, 2023 by Alina Ionescu
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From the weekly picks of your favorite retailer to the bold campaigns of e-commerce giants, newsletters have long emerged as the digital age's MVP. They can reach consumers anytime, anywhere, whether they’re just waking up, at dinner, gaming, or globetrotting. Blending irresistible offers with the latest trends and insights, newsletters build a straightforward bridge between businesses and the consumers they aim to serve. But what if you could supercharge this bridge with powerful interactivity and opportunities to engage your audience with every page turn? That’s where Issuu’s new app on Canva comes in.

This game-changing duo ensures your newsletter not only looks good but gets the attention it deserves, too. With Canva's treasure trove of user-friendly templates for every kind of newsletter design under the sun and Issuu's all-in-one digital publishing platform, it’s easy, effective, and time-saving to captivate readers with a digital newsletter. As part of our expert-led tutorial series, watch as the Canva mavens behind the Design with Canva channel demonstrate how effortless it is to create the perfect newsletter with Canva and bring it to life using Issuu’s app:

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