Celebrate the Great Outdoors with These 4 Publications

By IssuuJanuary 23, 2023Editorial, Publisher Spotlight

Lace up your hiking boots and let's celebrate the beauty of the outdoors with a few of our favorite publications that inspire us to explore the world in which we live. Getting lost in a page-turning forest of dynamic content has never felt more refreshing.

1. National Geographic

Perhaps the most prominent of outdoors magazines, National Geographic certainly does not disappoint with its most recent Travel Catalog. From wildlife safaris to expedition cruises, get inspired to plan your next great adventure.

2. Ticino Moments

The current issue of Ticino Moments gives you a peek into some of the most stunning landscapes and intense awakening of all senses from southern Switzerland, such as the Ticino's mountains and cities, tales from Alps' adventurers, Lake Maggiore's aromatic queen - the camellia -, and so much more. Let your senses travel freely far and wide with each new page.

3. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s suggestions of monthly activities remind us that living is all about life-changing experiences that await us, each one more beautiful than the last. Whether you're a once-in-a-while visitor or a real-life Huckleberry Finn, Lonely Planet's latest Travel Catalog is for anyone who's an explorer at heart, be it by foot or imagination.

4. Greece Is

Featuring priceless insights from the locals and stunning photographs of Thessaloniki's surroundings, Greece Is' magazine is a treat for every curious traveler wanting to adventure into the greek mysterium of culture, gastronomy, and more. Its ever-inspiring features on special local spots are sure to delight and educate even the most experienced travelers.

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